In which the editing continues

The editing for the manuscript is slowly continuing. I’ve read a lot where writers say that they hate editing, and I suppose there are days when I can’t be bothered with editing, but I know that if I stop and take time out of not editing, then it is going to be a lot harder getting back into the manuscript when I have to start editing again. This is why I am going slowly through the manuscript and not rushing the editing process. A set amount of pages that need to be edited a day and I have to meet that number before I can call it quit on editing for the day, and get to finish that book I have in my reading pile, which has already been through the whole writing and editing process.

Editing is a pain, but a necessity for every writer. After spending ages upon ages in creating that first draft, some around 80,000 to 100,000, we sometimes just want to print it and then send it out to the publishers. No! We have to take time to flesh out the scenes and enhance the story. How to Revise a novel discusses some interesting points on how to edit and make the second draft better than the first.



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  1. The ability to edit, and edit well, is a key talent for any writer. Sure what you’ve written might be ok after the first draft but it won’t be really great until you sharpen it. It’s a total pain because you have to take your creation and break it down, but that’s what gives you the opportunity to look at your work with a more critical eye.

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