A Second Story

Opening the pages of a book for a first time is always  important as within the pages there is a secret that we as readers only know. The knowing of where we were when  reading this book. I remember for various books of where I was when I started to read it and what I was thinking or what was going on in my life at the time, and just as important as the story is to me, the memories of my own secretly within the pages, is significant.

Why do we read books? For most of us, it is for us to get away from our ordinary lives and live a life that we can’t imagine doing ourselves. As we need a moment where we can stop from the busy life and sit down and read Nora Roberts, or even some mystery of Stephen King. Just as we read these stories, the pages collect our own. That we were sitting in the backyard, surrounded by spring flowers, or perhaps that we stayed late into the night tucked under the covers of our bed and read those last few pages. How travelling on the train we read to pass the time a book by Agatha Christie, short but captivating. There isn’t just one story, but a secret one hidden within the pages that only the reader knowns, a second story.



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