Why do I write and read?

The other day someone asked me why is it that I write and read so much? Now I went on and told them that the reason I write and read is for the same reason because I enjoy doing it. When reading I am able to leave my very normal life of work and chores and live in a world of the paranormal or join the hunt for the murderer in the mystery novel. The same reason I write is because I can go anywhere and be anything when writing my characters, and that is the fun experience about it. It is as if when I am writing or reading I join the world that the main characters are involved in, travelling with them and experiencing the joy and sorrow, or the danger and pain. It is a step away from reality, which I think is why many people would agree why they read or write is because what we read or write is usually very different to the lives we lead.

But what about you, why do you read and/or write?



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