Rejection is a right of path for every writer

Nearly every book that you have read has undoubtly been rejected by publishers. For most aspiring authors it is an amazing achievment when we have finished our work in progress (WIP) that is now a complete written and edited manuscript. What to do now? Well now we take a chance and get that manuscript out there to literary agents or publishing companies. But let us not be discouraged if it is rejected because you can always try again with different companies, or write another book. Just don’t become discouraged and give up. Like these following authors never gave up.
After 5 years of rejections a publishing deal is finally gotten and now Agatha Christie sales now around $12 billion.
J.K. Rowlings was rejected 12 times before Harry Potter waa acceptted.
Louisa May Alcott was told to stick to teaching and yet she never gave up her dream. Little Women sells millions and is now still in print 140 years later.
24 literary agencies turned down The Notebook by Nicholas Spark. 25th time was the charm.
60 times rejected for the world wide best seller The Help by Kathryn Stockett.
15 rejections was given before publication of The Diary of Anne Frank selling 25 million.
14 rejections were given to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight that sell 17 million copies.



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