How did you come to learn about your favourite books?

Today we are going to talk about how you came to learn about your favourite books. Were you shopping in the bookstore and just picked it up and read the blurb and took it home with you. Did someone give the book to you as a gift? Did you discover it, hidden away in the back of your family’s library bookshelf covered in dust? Or did word of mouth from friends or family tell you about it?

Harry Potter series:
As I was still very young, and not old enough to read the first book when the series started, but thankfully my older sisters were and it is because they brought the books and liked the series so much, so when i was old enought to read them, I quickly got pulled into the wizarding world. Thank you to my sisters for introducing me to Harry Potter.
Twilight Saga: This is one of the most interesting things of how I came to learn of the book. It was in 2008 when I was waiting for the school bus one morning, when a girl was waiting with me and she was reading…twilight. I asked her about it and she explained what it was. In the next few weeks I had my hands on the copy of the first book.
Austen and Bronte novels: In my teenage years, I was introduced to the name of Austen and Bronte by my sister, (she herself is literature fan), and what do you think happened I fell in love with their novels.
Little Women: Found the book in the bookshelf of my family’s and picked it out and within the next week I was reading it and was captured by the lives of the March sisters.
Gone Girl: The most recent best-seller of Gillian Flynn, which i had heard about from the internet about the book and when I saw the trailer of the movie version – I thought I must read the book before the movie. And I did.

But what about your favourite books? How did you learn about them?


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