Got Creative Brain Freeze? Why don’t you bake a Cake?

As writers we’ve all experienced those days when we are stuck on what to write next, or we just can’t figure out that wording for that very important sentence. We wasted an hour or two, sitting blankly at the computer waiting for inspiration to drop into our head.
Yep, that is your creative brain freeze. How do you move past this creative brain freeze? You do something entirely different like cooking. Cooking is a wonderful way to help with that creative brain freeze and make something yummy to eat while you’re at it.
The reasons:
1. You are no longer stuck in that chair – and all likely your behind is a bit numb – so getting up and moving around will help those lower muscles.
2. Cooking is relaxing for you and your brain.
3. Cooking is fun.
4. You can rehearse aloud the sentences that you are stuck on, while you sift flour.
5. When your brain is busy on other tasks, such as cooking, your mind can find that answer you were looking for without you pestering it.
6. Doing something entirely different helps unfreeze those creative wires.
7. In the end you might not have created that masterpiece of a book, but you would have baked a yummy delicious cake, that you can eat, while getting back to your writing.


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