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A Tale About Charlotte Bronte

I known it has been awhile since I’ve last blogged, and it seems fitting that I have a chance to come back to the world of blogging on the 198th birthday of one of my beloved authors Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855).

Charlotte Bronte, is the eldest sister of Anne and Emily Bronte (authors aswell) and wrote four novels during her life, leaving one unfinished and one published posthumously. Though her first novel was rejected by publishers Charlotte was not disturbed, as she wrote Jane Eyre (1847), a story about a plain young woman life as a governess who falls in love, discovers a hidden wife in an attic, and becomes rich and then finally reunites with her one true love. Jane Eyre, unbeknown to Charlotte when writing would become her most successful world knowing novel. Later she wrote Shirley (1849) and Villette (1853).

Charlotte Bronte was the only one of her siblings to marry (as Anne and Emily both die, aswell as did their other siblings). Charlotte married Arthur Bell Nicholls whom she knew through him being her fathers curate. However, their marriage was not long as she became increasingly ill, and died with her unborn child in 1855. But her legacy within her books, her dreams, her thoughts, her feelings, and her short life are captured by her written words, forever to be found in her beloved novels.



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