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The New Project Continues

I mentioned in November that I had started on a new project and I am so excited to say that the first draft is done. Many days of sitting at the desk and writing on the computer as the ideas came and then other days when I hated to even look at my computer where the new project waited for my return.
For the past few years I’ve been writing and editing my previous work but now it is finished as well as it can be and has been put on the shelf as I tackle another project entirley. And this one is different from my YA(Project 1).
Project 2 is for an adult audience and is centred with murder, so much murder and mystery.
It has been fun writing this darker story and I’ve enjoyed it writing it, even if some days I just starred blankly at the blank document. Sometimes it feels that that empty document is laughing at my lack of creative mind. Don’t you think?
As of today I’ve began the stage of editing and am excited to get back to this story and go hammering and chopping on the manuscript to make the story as good as it can be. Project 2 get ready to meet the red pen.
Edit, edit, edit!


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