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I am a Writer

It was during high school when I first started to write stories. I’ve written a few short stories, but at the moment I am busy writing my first novel. The manuscript is half way through being edited.

Writing takes a lot of time and strength. You’ve got to keep at it. While I’ve been writing my manuscript, I’ve had some days when I couldn’t be bothered with writing and then there were days when I would do nothing but writing. Questions would plague my mind. Why am I doing this? Is this going to be good enough? Is this story ever going to be published? Overall most of the answers would be negative, but I’ve finally finished the manuscript and even though I still have doubts while editing through the eighty thousand worded manuscript, I am not afraid to be a writer anymore. Because that is what I am, even though I am unpublished, I’ve written that story. I’ve taken that time in my life and wrote that story that I’ve always wanted to create.




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