Hello and welcome to my blog Falling in Love with Words. If you are interested in books of all genres then stay reading as I discuss books that I have read that vary from the gruesome murder mysteries or a romance novel to a fantasy or a historical novel. As a big believer that to read widely is to live fully, I aim to hopefully spike your interest with books that you may never have considered to read if you just saw it at the bookstore.

So now if I have kept your interest long enough, I’ll tell you a bit about who is writing this blog. A young Australian woman who is currently studying English and Writing at university, while spending my free time writing novels about twisted mysteries and enigmatic characters. I’m a book nerd with a love for coffee and enjoys good action and comedy movies.

My blog, Falling in Love with Words tracks my journey of reading and writing experiences. Comments and discussions are always welcome.


3 responses to “About

  1. Allie

    Hey girl! I’ve been meaning to talk books with you for awhile – we have a lot of favorites in common! Hopefully we’ll get to know you a little better now that we’ve nominated you and your awesome blog for the Liebster Award! Yay!

  2. Allie

    Hi! I’m back to nominate you for the Inspiring Blog Award, because we’re still loving your blog! https://theexcellentlibrary.wordpress.com/2015/03/15/inspiring-blog-award/

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